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Itta Bena is a romantic happy hour spot on world-famous Beale Street. Whether you’re dragged to Beale Street by out-of-towners, Itta Bena (above BB King’s Blues Club) is always an excellent happy hour alternative. Despite the upscale feel, it’s a reasonably come-as-you-are club, open weekly from 5 pm-10 pm. Take the fire escape up and come before the sun sets to soak in the spectacular room’s blue radiance. There is plenty of seating and excellent service in the central bar. Live music begins at 6 pm-7 pm and enriches rather than drowns discussion. You’ll almost certainly want to remain for supper, or at the very least a bowl of the legendary She-Crab soup. B.B. King’s Blues Club commands attention at the high-profile corner of Beale Street and Second Street. 

But look for the nondescript staircase around the back that leads to Itta Bena, an intimate spot tucked away atop the popular club. With upscale twists on Southern classics—like tender shrimp and locally milled grits spiked with white wine—and libations such as the Blues Berry martini, Itta Bena offers you authentic Memphis fine dining experience. If you are going to spend time in Memphis, you must visit B.B.’s, Itta Bena. It is a popular nighttime destination in Memphis. It’s a famous tourist attraction due to its wonderful cuisine, beer, and fantastic weekly blues repertoire. Locals, on the other hand, are pleasantly delighted by their band and consider themselves part of it. It is always a genuine hometown gem they did not expect to discover. Most new blues performers end up in this town, which is remote from the New York scene. 

On the other hand, locals know to go to Lucille when they hear Billy’s in town (with his girlfriend). These occurrences are no longer common, but they are always enjoyable. Itta Bena, Memphis’ “secret gem,” is located above the fire escape above B.B. Kings Blues Club. Itta Bena, named after the place where the great BB King was born, reflects the charm and inspiration of exquisite southern cuisine. Itta Bena restaurant and bar welcome you for a refreshing beverage and southern food with a Delta touch. Itta Bena has something for everyone, from our 16oz. Ribeye to our Shrimp and Grits and sumptuous desserts. So come as you are – no coats necessary – for amazing meals in a casual setting with unparalleled southern hospitality.

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