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J Rieger & Co Kansas City, Guide & Review

J Rieger & Co is an awesome distillery for amazing cocktails. Jacob Rieger & Company was founded in 1887 in Kansas City‘s West Bottoms livestock Exchange district. The brand offered over 100 alcoholic products and took pride in maintaining a quarter of a million unique customers by offering mail-order delivery services. In 1919, Prohibition was enacted by the federal government and wasn’t reversed by the federal government and wasn’t reversed until 1933. J Rieger & Co. was a casualty at the time, but was not destined to be lost forever. Now, a century after Prohibition, we are proud once again to call Kansas City home. J Rieger & Co is a great place to entertain a big group of people. This place is honestly great, just the right mix of history and fun. Beautiful buildings make any event special. W

J Rieger & Co Monday through Tuesday 11 am – 6 pm, Wednesday & Thursday 11 am – 10 pm, Friday & Saturday 11 am -12 am, and Sunday 11 am – 12 am. J Rieger & Co features casual delicious cocktails – excellent cocktail menu, strong & tasty drinks that are reasonably priced – so many whiskeys to choose from; a beautiful outside area; friendly, attentive & accommodating staff and bartenders; reasonable prices; a restaurant and bar upstairs; awesome tasting room; great sound & lighting system; awesome music and vibes; comfy seatings; liquor is fantastic; great outdoor area fire pits; great happy hour; delicious food; great lighting and sound system; relaxed beautiful atmosphere; awesome back patio – great area to have cocktails; and excellent ambiance in classy and classic building. 

What a fun place to go with friends or on your date out. J Rieger & Co is definitely beautiful for all types of occasions. It’s a great place to go on a date or just relax. Wonderful time at J Rieger & Co. This hands down the best cocktail spot to be in Kansas City for an amazing and unforgettable experience. Go now!

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