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Jazz TX San Antonio, Guide & Review

Located in the basement of the Bottling Department at the historic Pearl Brewery, Jazz, TX is San Antonio’s favorite sport for live Jazz and cocktails. Jazz TX bar kitchen features classic dishes with a Texas twist, from Pecan pie to Brisket Tacos to seasonal favorites. It’s gorgeous, quaint club with good acoustics. 

Jazz TZ features delicious craft cocktails, draft beers, Texan cuisine, nice relaxed and laid-back atmosphere, superb live music, delicious food, easy going people, amazing happy hour, great vibe, great bands, excellent service, fair prices, variety of tasty and strong drinks, and wonderful attentive and friendly bartenders. The steak is wonderful and apparently the street tacos too. The band for salsa night is always a joy to listen and dance to. The concept of a speakeasy is wonderful and relaxed. 

What a classy dining experience with the accompatiment of talented musicians for your listening pleasure. Entertaining, exciting, funny and very energetic. The place is perfect for a date night that you want to feel classy. Highly recommended for a night out with a special person, and a great place to go and see a wonderful show while having a few drinks. This is definitely a perfect place to kick back after a long day. Overall great experience and this place never dissapoints. Enjoy!

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