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Jazz Wailers Los Angeles, Guide & Review

The Jazz Wailers are the perfect band for your event. From corporate events to weddings, and cocktail parties to backyard bonanzas, the “Wailers” will bring exactly the kind of ambiance you’re looking for in your event. Members of the Jazz Wailers are some of the best Jazz musicians not only in Los Angeles but around the world. Their members are working professional musicians who have toured the world, played on 6 continents, and live, breathe,and sleep music. Their members are also conservatory-trained musicians with music degrees, who regularly play in venues from major jazz clubs to theaters and arena stadiums. 

This knowledge, along with the quality of their music, gives you peace of mind that once you book the Jazz Wailers you won’t have to worry about the entertainment for your party. They offer exactly what you need, and they offer personalized service. You can pick from one of their packages, or just give them a budget and how many band members you’d like. You tell them whether you’re looking for unobtrusive background music, or a rollicking dance party that gets your guests dancing. 

You can choose your instrumentation. For instance, for more intimate gatherings, you can choose a band without drums. For larger parties, you can choose a band without a vocalist and several horns. Or you may just tell them what you’re looking for, and they’ll come up with the best band information for your event. They’re personable about making wonderful music, and their passion translates into a great time for you and your guests.

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