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We don’t know who Jojo or their beloved is, but we do know that this recently opened cocktail lounge is the place to go for retro ’70s and ’80s vibes. From the music to the color palette of burgundy, pink, and orange. Expect to find drinks made with brightly-hued spirits such as Midori. Disco attire is not required but encouraged (by us). Jojo’s Beloved Cocktail Lounge is spirited in humming Midtown, Atlanta. Nestled in a secluded interior of Colony Square, the lounge boasts cathedral-height ceilings, an all-vinyl soundtrack, and a brooding, romantic vibe. Expect oft-maligned favorites from the era of disco and glam. 

You’ll channel a time of skates and tapes when seedy glamor, indulgence, and boogie reigned supreme. So, it is an upscale restaurant serving Basque tapas & more significant shareable portions cooked on a wood-burning grill. This is a Basque restaurant, so the flavors are bold and slightly different from Spanish tapas. They are wonderful. You can also get a well-prepared whole fish, half chicken, or large filet to share or eat yourself. It is a hip and happening place, so it is pretty loud on a weekend night. This is the perfect place for a girls night out after dinner if you’re looking for a chill vibe! 

The drinks are absolutely delicious and the service is very friendly. You won’t be disappointed if you’re coming for the aesthetic and vibes. Make a reservation, though! Jojo’s beloved is a charming cocktail bar with a wide variety of drink options. The music is excellent, and it has a good crowd of people. If you go on a Tuesday night and it will be pretty full, I strongly encourage making a reservation before your visit. They have very friendly and quick service. This is one of the best bars Atlanta has to offer.

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