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Joseph Pierce Bar Edinburgh, Guide & Review

Joseph Pearce has been up and running since 1898 as a grocery store, wine merchant, and now a restaurant and bar. The place is family-friendly, and you can even bring your dog with you while you sip and unwind after a long day of work. The bar is Swedish-owned, and lots of its drinks and food are inspired there. Exciting and unusual activities for a bar take place here, like knitting and fish catching in the evenings. It has high ceilings and massive doors, giving bohemian vibes. 

The bar area is extensive, with many bottles stacked behind the shelves. The decor is simple and classic, paying homage to the 20th century. It is warm and welcoming for everyone. If you want some Scandinavian drinks or food, then this is the right place for you. Rather than going for drinks you’d find anywhere in the area, opt for a Swedish cider, maybe? Their aquavit cocktails are also famous and very different from those at bars like ‘Loke’, which has Havana 3, pasoa, lime, and pineapple. A refreshing mix that packs a punch.

The food menu includes simple vegetarian platters that you can share with friends. These include prosciutto, salads, salsa, hummus, and sourdough bread. You should also try out their famous Swedish meatballs, which are so full of flavor. They also have crayfish eating events where they dedicate the whole evening to the messing style of eating. You can buy tickets for it and have some fish. 

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