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Joystick Gamebar is a casual bar with arcade games, pinball, jumbo burgers, and a rethought bar bite. You don’t have to be a geek to visit this bar, but it probably doesn’t hurt to try the games. The funky space is full of classic arcades, table games, and cocktails. Expect easy-to-drink drinks like cranberry sage and bourbon coffee slash. So, this venue is an arcade and a bar. This venue is an old-fashioned arcade with a small amount of whiskey, great beer, homemade cocktails, and killer burger love, all in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. So, they ended up with retro pinball games in the ’70s, ’80s, and 90’s arcade games. They are nerdy dive bars with classic arcades, party games, and lots of liquor. The nature of old-fashioned gaming cabinets is beautiful and unique but temporary. 

They keep their playing skills messed up on their toes. Unfortunately, the ambiguous missing part may invade the radio waves of some postal delivery centers, or the circuit board may have to be sent out for a thorough repair. For this reason, they apologize if any games are out of order or absent. Know that they are working to bring them back to you to give you a romantic moment of escapist joy. Joystick Gamebar was founded in 2012. It started with a bag full of Remus and Romulus and a quarter. Thirsty, they decided to get drunk and fainted exactly where the joystick was. Only after 8 pm do they impose the limit, and you have to be over 21 years old to enter. 

They are all ages every day before 8 pm. It opens Monday to Friday at 4 pm and  Saturday and Sunday at noon. Therefore, their games include classic arcade cabinets, pinball, foosball, board games, and Spot the Tinder Date. There are also console games, Dungeons and Dragons, and karaoke on some nights. Try Oh well Mill Road’s Ohmsby or Decatur’s Twain for shuffleboard. This is one of the best and most unique dive bars that Atlanta has to offer. If you are a fan of gaming and bars, then this is the spot for you!

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