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Juniper Bar Tulsa, Guide & Review


Juniper is another famous bar in downtown Tulsa that also offers some of the most diverse cuisines in the area, along with crafted cocktails to go along with them. Moreover, the defining feature of this place is not just their amazingly crafted food and attention to detail. Most of the ingredients used in the multi-cuisine menu and the cocktails are sourced locally through trusted sources hence supporting the local economy. The Juniper is a bar that makes sure it uses only the freshest produce to make its drinks, and that can make a lot of difference in the taste. This is why people from all over Tulsa flock to this fine dining restaurant bar for the freshest dining and drinking experience.
The ambiance is excellent at this restaurant. They have unique design elements like the usage of bricks to give that rustic element effect, making the whole vibe very chic. Moreover, as we talked before about involving the local farming industry, this place hired local artists to help decorate and design the interior. Hence Juniper is one of those restaurants which the people proudly make for the people! The staff is amiable and accommodating.
Moreover, the chefs are pretty famous as well. The result is a fine dining experience that is unmatched. This restaurant has been in the business for more than ten years now, so you should know that you are in capable hands.

The menu over at the Juniper is very diverse as well. Some of the infusions include Blueberry Vodka, Apple Whiskey, Lemon Vodka, and Vanilla Vodka. There are over nine specialty cocktails available for you to try as well. Moreover, the cocktails are also very moderately priced, between $10 and $11. Some of the best cocktails include Black Walnut Old Fashioneds, Juniper Cocktail, Life’s Peachy, Storm Born, Dutch 75, and Oaxacan.

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