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Kelly’s Westport Inn Kansas City, Guide & Review

What a great sports bar in Kansas City. In February 1947, Randal Kelly, a native of County Clare, Ireland, was hired as a bartender at 500 Westport Road, then called Westport Inn. Randal’s witty sense of humor, unpretentious attitude and giving hand won him great popularity. It wasn’t long before people were calling the place Kelly’s. Kelly’s Westport Inn is a must-see Kansas City destination. With a diverse crowd, live music, colorful history, weekday specials and always someone with a good story, Kelly’s is an Irish pub like no other. In honor of its rich and colorful past, the building was designated a national historic landmark in 1959. When you operate a public drinking establishment in a national landmark, you want to be careful about making too many changes. It’s for this reason that the management requests that you smile when you call this landmark “a dump!”. Some call it dust, they call it charm!

Kelly’s Westport Inn has been a social gathering place, a sanctuary for sharing laughs with friends and strangers alike, since 1947. It’s the heart and the anchor of Kansas City’s historic arts and entertainment district of Westport. It’s where Friday night starts and Saturday night ends. Weekends that begin with honest intentions can become memories that last a lifetime. It’s the birthplace of amazing stories that begin with “You’ll never believe…” Whether you’re looking for a good band, a good story or a good drink special, Kelly’s is a place for all walks of life.

Kelly’s Westport Inn operates Monday through Friday from 11:30 am – 3:00 am, and Saturday & Sunday from 11:00 am – 3:00 am. Kelly’s Westport Inn features huge TVs to catch up with your favorite game; excellent service; friendly, attentive and professional bartenders; great atmosphere; plenty of comfy seatings; and state-of-art lighting and sound system. Take a seat, have a drink, laugh at a bad joke and soak in Kelly’s experience.

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