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Kelvingrove cafe is a Brasserie bar with leather banquettes and wood paneling serving English mains, snacks, and sliders. Kelvingrove Cafe is all about perfectly garnished cocktails delivered in chilled glasses. This Glasgow institution is known for its intriguing variety of eccentric drinks, and it combines trendy elegance and old class simultaneously. The Kelvingrove Cafe, once a Victorian ice cream shop, is today one of the chicest and most sophisticated restaurant bars to have reopened in Glasgow’s West End in recent years. The Argyle Street pub’s original shabby exterior and sign have been preserved. They contrast nicely with the redecorated inside, with exposed brick walls, monochrome tiles, leather booths, and a massive brass bar. The menu is organized into three sections:

Small, medium, and extensive dishes, allowing you to choose the size that best suits your mood. Rockafella Skink, roasted filet of Scotch beef, salted beef mac & cheese, and churros are just a few delectable dishes. These people take drinking seriously, making massive blocks of ice in-house that are portioned out using 14-inch Japanese ice saws (!) to cool the drink without diluting it, resulting in a more ‘pure’ beverage. This Glasgow cafe bar is a blend of grown-up, whimsical, and well-traveled, with a vintage air that transports you away from Argyle Street. It was tough to choose from the festive menu because I am an incredibly picky eater. Kirsty put me at ease and went out of her way to bring me the cuisine I desired. On the other hand, my companion diner was really pleased with the menu. 

I had breakfast here with a buddy this morning (August 13th, 22nd) and highly suggest it. The staff is kind, pleasant, and attentive. The food and beverages were hot and served quickly. The cuisine was excellent, and I would return for breakfast the next time I came. When our taxi driver picked us up from the airport on our way to our hotel, he urged us to stop at the cafe for breakfast. He was correct; we enjoyed a delicious breakfast that was quick to prepare. Excellent location. The taxi driver was excellent; I cannot suggest it strongly enough. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting the café numerous times with a buddy and our dogs. The staff are warm & welcoming to us humans & our companions – they really can’t do enough for you actually, they are so kind.

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