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Kimball House is more like a restaurant than a bar, but how do you ignore Miles Macquarie’s cocktails? Dining rooms and terraces can be booked at this venue. Combine with one (or two) drinks from Kimball House to create and enjoy one of the city’s most abundant oyster programs. Once a train station, this elegant restaurant and raw food bar offer French-style farm-to-table appetizers. They provide food and drinks that reflect the seasons, farms, and personalities of the people who prepare them. Humility, hospitality, and passion for technology are their driving forces and foundations. At Kimball House, they offer exceptional service and warm hospitality.

The parking lot is located at Arlo Parking Lot on Trinity Venue, opposite KH. It’s straightforward, just 150 meters from door to door. Pay the deck box for a discount. Park Mobile is $ 10. You need to consider car service as they try to make you upset. There is street parking along with East Howard. Kimball House accepts reservations and limited walks. To book a table, click on the “Booking” tab at the top of the official website. We recommend booking in groups of 5 or more. Gold mine! This venue space has Kimball House’s private dining and event space. The  600 m² dining room has a private entrance, terrace, and toilet. So, the Bonanza can accommodate up to 10 to 24 people. The menu is fully customizable or can offer pre-arranged dinner and drink options. 

Additional services include audio and video for presentations and demonstrations, flower arrangements, and decoration services. Everything in Kimball House works. Design, service, and cooking can balance preservation and progress. Nowhere else in Atlanta can you find such a rich and traditionally prepared absinthe menu and bartenders who are familiar with all drinks. Even waiters open like an encyclopedia and help you decide which cocktail is right for you, both inside and outside the menu. People arrive early at this Decatur Joint and enjoy oyster happy hour, but cleverly paired cocktails and complete classic absinthe service set Kimball House apart from its competitors. So, this bar is one of the best Atlanta has to offer.

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