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Kingfisher San Diego, Guide & Review

Kingfisher is a cocktail bar and eatery. Taking roots from the culinary heritage of Vietnam, Kingfisher presents a classic take on authentic Vietnamese French influenced food with a California sensibility.  Nested in the historic neighborhood of Golden Hill and combined with a forward thinking and elevated craft cocktail program, Kingfisher strives to provide an exciting balance of the soulful and intricate flavors of traditional Vietnamese dishes and ingredients. 

Kingfisher bar features a great romantic atmosphere, wonderful service, delicious food, delicious cocktails, fantastic decor, excellent service, super friendly & inviting staff, and top notch ambiance. 

What an amazing and beautiful place to eat and have wonderful cocktails. It’s a well run modernized fusion place and will not disappoint. Great dine experience at Kingfisher thus a must visit!

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