Kippo, A Simple Review

Kippo is another popular dating app being used by individuals. Kippo is one of those apps which targets a specific group of people to land a date. Kippo is made for those gamers who consider video games a considerable part of their lives and want someone by their side who is equally enthusiastic about video games. 

Video games are one of the largest industries in the world, and with rapid digitalization, it is only growing at an exponential rate. Hence, this app makes it easy for gamers to find romance or other teammates, as it is not just to find romance. 

There are many cases where players have found the perfect person to play with. Date nights on this app are more like gaming nights aligning with the theme of the app.

There are many latest features in the app; it allows you to choose your sexual orientation, gender, and other everyday things like pets. More so, it will enable you to fill your card with the basic information too. What’s important to note here is that Kippo supports the LGBT community as well, as it allows you to select multi-gender preferences, so you have complete control over who you want to see. 

There is a premium version of this app, too, which allows you to text unlimited people. If you are a hardcore gamer or just a casual one, you should try out Kippo, as it will help you find the right person with the same interests as yours.

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