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Kitty Cohen’s is a vast garden with a retro bar, specialty drinks, punch, and shaded poolside seats. So, Kitty Cohen’s is a patio bar in East Austin, Texas. Rebellious women inspire them in all of our lives. Go back to Kitty Cohens, a 1970s-style cocktail bar in East Austin, dreaming of a Palm Springs pool party. The mini-pool serves as the center of the bar’s courtyard, and tipsy guests can enjoy a seasonal sipper made from frozen drinks, Aperol splits, coconut, and 7-up in Mexico. Happy hour is Monday to Friday from 3 pm to 7 pm. And yes, you can step into the pool. 

Rebellious and feminine, this retro patio bar serves cocktails and punches in the backyard with poolside seating. Rebellious and feminine, this retro patio bar serves cocktails and punch in the backyard with poolside seating. Aquamarine palette, pink flamingo wallpaper, and lawn and patio furniture guarantee a year-round pool party without getting wet. Cheeky women dominate at this festive bar. Expect a lot of fun with little wild bar lovers who want to spend a relaxing day by the pool. Tropical drinks, cocktails, frozen rosés, and Texan beers are all orderable and served on a properly laminated menu. Frozen Rosé (frozen) is especially popular on hot afternoons in Austin, and strong drinks like the Singapore Sling always liven up the night. 

Mama Kong Food pop-ups sometimes pop up here, like  Cambodian soul food. The staff here are wonderfully cheeky and part of the charm. You can rely on them to process your orders correctly and promptly. A cold cocktail on a hot afternoon, perfect for enjoying with your friends while soaking your feet in the pool. Yes, they rent out the venue for parties, weddings, etc. Their outdoor kitchen hosts indoor cooking events and loves to discuss pop-up restaurant concepts and theme parties with independent chefs and catering companies. Kitty Cohen’s is not a music venue. They focus on culinary-oriented culinary events. That doesn’t mean they don’t book music. It’s very, very, rare, and the owner’s whims. So, this is one of the best feminist bars Austin has to offer.

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