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Kon tiki restaurant & lounge Bar Tucson, Guide & Review

Named one of the best bars in America, Kon Tiki has been serving drinks and food since 1963. The place survived the downfall of tiki bars and stands firm to date. It spreads the spirit of aloha and is a kind place. It has the most extensive collection of Milan Guanko carved tikis and assorted island curios. There are lots of tiki cocktails and comfort food you can try out. It is located on a busy street and has malls and office buildings all around it. 

There is a tiny mosaic pond by a garden by the front. You can walk over it by a small bridge and go inside the bar. The place is dark and mysterious, and most of its decor is still original from when it was built. There are bamboo dividers along each table, so you feel more at ease. There is lots of bamboo and no windows inside the place. On the back is what used to be an aviary which is now converted into a back patio. Lights illuminate the space from every side and set a great mood. 

The crowd is mostly college students who pack up the place most evenings. However, it gets pretty crazy when that happens. Better to visit in less rushy hours to soak in the decor and enjoy the music more. They serve pupus, which are appetizers, and some Polynesian-inspired dishes as well, like barbeque ribs. There’s also fish and crab. Lobster and shrimps are available, fresh from the sea. If you fancy tacos, then drop by on Taco Tuesdays. 

There are cocktails with vodka, gin, and whiskey bases. The mixed drinks include the ‘Devil’s Triangle,’ their take on a Bermuda triangle. Their rum mixes have a lot of options. A must-try is the ‘Kon Tiki Mai Tai’ inspired by the outlying islands. 


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