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Kongs of Kings Street Bar Bristol, Guide & Review

Sometimes all you want to do is to go to a casual bar and blow off some steam. In order to do that and relax, you need to find a bar that is casual enough for you to be yourself. Sometimes we are not looking for pomp but a casual place where we can be ourselves. The people of Bristol are lucky because they have many bars like this. One of the casual and fun bars in Bristol is Kongs of Kings Street. This bar provides great drinks to you in a casual and comfortable atmosphere. Kongs of Kings Street is a good-looking bar with a colorful and artistic display. There is an outside seating area for those who prefer to sit outside the bar. 

There are yellow, red, black, and silver colored stools with brown and blue chairs. This colorful display of the furniture makes the bar look funky. The air conditioning units are in place, so even if it is hot outside, you are good to go to the bar. The walls have interesting posters, which add to the artistic value of the bar’s interior. The whole place is well-lit, and the trendy walls make the place look even better. In addition, there is no way that you can ever be bored at this bar. This bar offers its customers to play various bar games which keep them entertained. The ambiance of this place is calm, and you can rest easy if you want. 

The Kongs of Kings Street food is so delicious that you cannot have enough of it. Even if you are not hungry, the aroma and looks of the food will compel you to have it. If you are on a diet or something, you are even allowed to bring your own food to this bar. The drinks are exactly what you would expect from a good bar such as this. The cocktails are heavenly treats full of flavor and refreshment. If you are someone who likes to try out alcoholic drinks at different places, then the alcohol, wine, and beer of this bar will blow your mind. You must visit this bar.

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