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Koz’s Mini Bowl is a duckpin bowling alley connected to a vintage bar. Taxidermy, ancient wood bar, coolers, pool table, sardonic placards. This may appear to be another dive bar until you notice the bowling lanes in the adjacent room. Duckpin bowling, where everything is little, has been around for decades. Reserve a lane ahead of time, or watch a league while sipping a Schlitz. You’ll be treated like a regular no matter what. “Please, three Miller High Lifes.” “You must be from the east side,” a fellow client says, her tone mocking these pretentious visitors. The pub has an apartment’s worth of stuff, including a taxidermied lion splayed on an icebox. “When it fled from a circus, the owner shot it,” the bartender adds, not quite believing his account. 

Mini-bowling is a must-do “while in Milwaukee” activity and Koz’s is the place to go. With an old-school jukebox and a colorful, energetic ambiance, this four-lane mini-bowling alley and bar will transport you back to the 1970s. This South Side staple doesn’t fool around regarding specialty drinks and seasonal beers. It doesn’t have to since the four little bowling lanes that dominate its rear wall are more than enough to keep locals coming back for more. “There are certain places we can’t imagine losing – though many such icons have vanished over the years – and Koz’s Mini Bowl, 2078 S. 7th St., on the South Side is unquestionably one of them. Koz’s – a bar with four duckpin bowling lanes in the rear room – is a popular South Side staple, among Kegel’s, At Random, Bryant’s, and Holler House. 

It also has a lengthy lifespan.” Family-owned generations bar that has a comforting throwback feel to it. A dive bar with lots of history. Including a full bar, pool table, dart board, entertainment machines, and even mini bowling. This Historical Landmark of Milwaukee will have you telling everyone about your good time here. It was established in 1978. Their family purchased ParkView lanes in 1978, turning them into Koz’s Mini Bowl. This 1890 building which has had these mini lanes in here since the 20s, shares generations of family fun. A place of legendary stories and community strength. They are still standing strong with leagues, parties, and regulars that give this location plenty of fun and respectful character. So, this is one of the best bars Milwaukee has to offer.

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