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Krugs Tavern Bar Newark, Guide & Review

Founded in 1932 and currently being managed by the fourth generation of the family, Krugs
Tavern is a classic place to visit in Newark. The place is reputable and known amongst the
locals, especially for having some of the best burgers you can find anywhere. The place has a
brick wall style all across the place. There’s some excellent lighting above the bar, so you can
see the grilled burgers and the drinks made right in front of you. TVs are displayed in corners of
the room with plenty of seats around them as well, so you easily find a table. One corner of the
place is a wall covered just with TVs with news, significant sports matches, and various other
things being played.
First, order a starter such as pretzel sticks, thin-crust bar pie, jalapeno poppers, chicken fingers,
and a couple more. Once you get a taste of what they offer, you’ll be intrigued by what else they
have. Moving on to the main dishes, they have a variety of burgers, all of which are as good as
the others. What may seem like a basic hamburger is known to be the best you can find in that
area. It’s grilled in front, so what you see is what you get; nothing added or taken away from it.
Then they have bacon cheeseburger and Taylor hamburger, which are so tasty you’ll make
space for another. Another particular type of burger they serve is the pizza burger. It has
mozzarella cheese with marinara sauce, giving you that pizza and a burger feel. They also
serve a variety of sandwiches, like buffalo chicken, shrimp parm, Italian hot dog, BLT, and
cheese steak, along with a few more. They also have salads if you prefer your meal to be as
healthy as they come. For drinks, they serve a variety of beers. They’ve restricted their menu to
beer only as that is what pairs best with the food they offer. You can get some chilled and
refreshing cans and glasses of beer which will cool you off.
Have a seat at the Krugs Tavern to enjoy the history of the place, have a good time with the
staff and managers, and taste the best burgers you can find in the area.

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