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Kuckoo Bar Sheffield, Guide & Review

As a rock and roll cocktail bar, Kuckoo is famous for its fun and quirky drinks. They opened back in 2010 and have more locations around the country. It is open throughout the week, and you can drop by to listen to some selected tunes throughout the week. There’s eclectic music from different eras ranging from Led Zeppelin to Elvis to The Strokes. All the staff here is fun, lively, and passionate about their work. They add to the feel-good vibe, and you’d want to stay by the time you finish a drink or two.
Their red neon look makes it a fun hangout spot to celebrate at. A grand chandelier hangs on top of the bar adding a regal effect to the space. They have plush velvet circular booths all around the place for sitting. The floor is polished to perfection and reflects off the red light. The walls are filled with fun and artistic posters and photographs. The whole vibe is mysterious and promises a fun time ahead.
They offer cocktail classes here that will be a fun activity for the boys and girls. There’s ‘The Fizz Fix’ and; The party Starter’; both offer different cocktail recipes, and you can end the class with a round or two of shots. The drinks menu is divided into sections. These include Kuckoo cocktails, rocktails, Led Zeppelin, Charlie big times, shots, wine & fizz, beer, ciders, and softies. The ‘Tiktok Thot’ has Kuckoo fruit salad vodka, lychee liqueur, pineapple juice, strawberry syrup, fresh lemon juice, and Ms. Better’s miraculous foamer. The Led Zeppelin section is named after all of his songs, so if you’re a fan, try out the song you love the most in the form of a cockta
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