La Cava Del Tequila Bar Orlando


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La Cava Del Tequila Bar Orlando, Guide & Review

This bar is located at Walt Disney in Orlando and is the perfect spot to enjoy your drinks after enjoying the park. This bar is known for its tequila, loads, and loads. Some of these drinks served here are the creations of some well-known people, like a signature drink called Avocado made by Neil Patrick Harris. The martinis and tequilas are delicious, and one should often visit this bar just for that vibe alone. This place offers around 200 tequilas to choose from, so the experience is fantastic. Moreover, what distinguishes this bar from the rest is that it offers an exotic experience to its patrons by allowing them to try all the liquors and tequilas with an expert who will help you decide which the perfect drink is for you. This experience attracts people from all over Orlando to La Cava Del Tequila.

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