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La Tranca Bar Malaga, Guide & Review

La Tranca is another bar we love. It is better to go there at the beginning of the night and maybe have some food along with a drink. The atmosphere is amazing, and you can tell this fact from the moment you enter. It may be quite small, but it’s also cozy and welcoming. Spaniards and tourists alike form queues outside just to get a chance to experience the atmosphere of the bar itself. The Spanish pop music that fills this place, with old and new songs is for everyone. If you get a chance to go there, you might feel like singing, as waiters sometimes do while they work. If you’re planning to drink, we can’t recommend enough the La Tranca vermouth, which is homemade and definitely worth a try.

La Tranca pays homage to Malaga’s vibrant culture and history, as you’ll notice when you first walk inside. Album covers and photographs of famous Spanish musicians, especially flamenco singers, line the walls with various bottles of local wines and vermouth. La Tranca is popular in Málaga, so this little place is always full of locals having a drink with tapas and a good chat. La Tranca’s specialty drinks include a variety of wine, vermouth, and local beers. Pair your drink with a classic tapa like an ensaladilla or tortilla, and you’ll soon understand why this is considered as one of the best bars in Malaga. La Tranca is often rated as the best tapas bar in Málaga. But its renowned tapas aren’t the only reason it’s so hard to find a seat at this old-style bar. La Tranca is perfect for enjoying a caña (small beer) or vermouth (vermouth) while listening to beautiful Spanish songs.

The interior is specifically made to enhance the experience of a traditional Spanish bar. And old vinyl-covered walls add to its laid-back hipster vibe.

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