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If the ease of drinking here doesn’t entice you, this beer and wine bar’s live jazz, warm bistro lighting, and clashing furnishings will. Without regard for seating or check drama, roll deep: Tables are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, and you pay your bill at the counter when you order. Couples could walk inside for some solitude, live music, and the wine fridge. Are you travelling with a group and require additional space? Make your way to the wide, dilapidated yard, where you may spread out for a spirited discussion. A night at Lagniappe would seem like a backyard party at a friend’s house—if that friend had a large yard full of mismatched lawn chairs and strung-up bistro lights. It’s all quite laid-back here: go in, select a bottle from the cooler (mostly from small-production vineyards), and take it to the register, where it’s uncorked before you proceed to the back to enjoy. It is an award-winning Wine Bar and Jazz Club with beautiful garden seating serving the best cheese & charcuterie and great grilled classics like churrasco, fresh fish, organic chicken, and veggies. Live music every night featuring Miami’s most talented musicians. Lagniappe features Miami’s finest musicians and world-famous Grammy award-winning artists. They have been committed to supporting local and travelling musicians with live music every night since we opened our doors in 2012. Their wine program, which offers more than 200 bottles of small, organic, biodynamic and raw wines from eclectic producers, is displayed openly for customers to hand-select and has won many awards such as top wine bar in the country. They are known for the delicious cheese and charcuterie boards you hand select. Their garden is a lush and private oasis in the heart of Midtown Miami. They look forward to seeing you.

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