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Lair KTV | Sky Club Philadelphia, Guide & Review

Lair KTV is located on Arch Street 2nd floor, Philadelphia, United States. Sky Club is the premium karaoke lounge located in the heart of city center, Philadelphia. Sky Club opened its doors to the public during the 2019 holiday season. Prior to its grand opening, the space went through extensive renovations that began during the summer of 2019. 

Sky Club KTV offers over 10 private luxury rooms, including two that can hold up to 50 people. The owners of the Sky Club lounge opened their original venture,  Lair KTV,  in 2016. Located in the lower level of the former Canton 11 restaurant, Lair KTV provides a fun and entertaining underground escape for the people of Philadelphia. The bar is dedicated to providing a unique karaoke experience in Philly, they cater from small to large groups with their spacious but cozy private rooms. 

They strive to exceed their customers’ expectations, providing exceptional services. Lair Ktv / Sky Club features great friendly people, amazing bartenders with great and attentive service, pretty comfortable environment, and friendly staff. They started with a dream to create a magical experience,  satisfying both the intimacy of a private karaoke room and delicate drinks and food. They only strive for quality and excellence, but pour in heaps of love and good vibes. 

Their team consists of hostesses who welcome your arrival, servers who satisfy your needs, and more importantly friends who answer to your fun.

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