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Lala’s Little Nugget is a strip mall tavern with festive decorations all year round, with old-fashioned jukeboxes, drinks, and games. Lovingly called Lala’s Christmas Bar or Lala’s Little Nugget by the locals, Lala’s is located on Justin Lane’s dubious shopping street. Inside, the famous drinking fountain is festively decorated with colorful fairy lights, tinsel, and metal ornaments hanging from retro ceiling tiles (a Christmas tree is approaching in the corner all year round). The story behind Lara’s kitsch aesthetics is simple. In 1972, after the bar’s Christmas decorations were completed for the season, Lara’s founders thought the spaces were exposed and decided to put them back (since they’ve been exhausted).

Accept the kitsch and drink the bar’s reindeer water (tequila, triple sec, lime juice, rainwater) like a festival. Founded in 1972, Lala’s Little Nugget is a fortune teller and adorable bar in Austin, Texas. Lara’s is an arctic oasis in central Texas with a year-round holly-decorated hall, Santa and his reindeer on the roof, and generations of Christmas memorabilia. Here at Lala’s, we are excited to see the growth of  Crestview and the neighborhood of North Burnett and enjoy welcoming newcomers to our enthusiastic fan base. Enjoy a cold beer or a delicious cocktail with the town’s friendliest bar staff, or enjoy a warm Austin night on the patio. 

The bartenders are very friendly, and the locals are always here. No matter where you look, this Christmas pub has something exciting and fun. If you go in August, it won’t be crowded, but you can see everything. The parking area is strange and unattractive, but much of the internal space is small. You’ll find a good selection of craft beers and delicious holiday-themed cocktails with a tap. They have a Christmas countdown timer behind the bar! You will be excited to get closer to a holiday or one of their events. When you leave this bar, it feels soft! This is one of the best Christmas-themed bars in Austin! So, if you are in the city at this time of the year, you must visit this bar at least once!

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