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LandShark Bar & Grill Daytona Beach Daytona Beach, Guide & Review

Nice and relaxing, chill spot right on the ocean. Adirondack chairs are available to enjoy the view if you want to hangout after dinner. LandShark is wonderful, wind down and enjoy the rest of your day. This is a nice spot in Daytona where you can dine with a view out back on the patio. Very nice chain restaurant on the water. Location is right beside the water and beautiful. Very nice Beachside bar & grill. 

LandShark Bar & Grill Daytona Beach features wonderful service; great delicious food – best fish and chips on the beach; gorgeous clean environment; great music; awesome staff; plenty of comfy seatings; state-of-the-art lighting & sound system; nice people; scenic views – wow! Amazing views of the ocean from their outdoor tables and the view is absolutely breathtaking and well worth the wait; great drinks that are reasonably priced; awesome outdoors located on the beach; great ambiance; awesome vibes;  awesome sanitizer station set up and the host stands for guests; out of this world nachos; very nice staff; and lots of options for everyone. At LandShark Bar & Grill Daytona Beach you can sit inside or outside. Just a fun spot, and you can’t beat the view. The seafood platter is good, especially the coconut shrimp with the pineapple dipping sauce. The inside dining is really large, plenty of room for larger parties. 

It isn’t too hot in the evening, so it makes a great dinner spot. A great all around experience. Highly recommended! You’ll not be dissapointed! LandShark in Daytona is the best spot you could go to!

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