Lantern, A Simple Review

This dating app is different from the rest in terms of how it functions. This app takes your dating experience a bit further as it quite literally takes you on an adventure to judge your compatibility. When you set up your account and start to use the app, the app lets you choose your adventure. It provides you with a list of scenarios and adventures to choose from. 

Once you select one of them, then the real deal begins. After that, the app questions your different thought-provoking and interesting questions like “what if you just won a million dollars?”. When you answer this question, the apps matchmaker matches you with someone whose answer was similar to yours.

From that moment onwards, you can either take it from there or not. This makes for an excellent icebreaker, and hence making contact is very easy and feels natural. 

This, combined with a unique design language, easy to understand interface and step by step guidelines, make it a fun experience altogether. This app is for those who feel that dating apps nowadays are more appearance-based, as this app is all about your personality and your tastes. This app is changing the game. 

Lantern is mostly free, but you can upgrade it to get premium features well. Unlike all the apps, Lantern has its issues as well. Since the app is relatively new, the dating pool is limited, and the matchmaker sometimes doesn’t work. However, the best thing is that the developers are continuously striving to make it better and user friendly.

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