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Lantern’s Keep New York, Guide & Review

Stop by our critically acclaimed salon and speakeasy for creative cocktails and light bites. great drinks, a romantic atmosphere, friendly bartenders, great food, great ambiance, great cocktails, great cocktails, and great service. Creative drink menu with devoted mixologists. Great bar for bringing adventurous or traditional. 

Lantern’s Keep does not accept reservations at this time, and our tables are available on a first-come, first-served basis. This is a very satisfying find — a dark, intimate, cozy bar with a superb cocktail menu, tasty small plates alongside, and good service — right in Midtown Manhattan. Our group tried a range of cocktails. Refreshingly, none were too sweet, which seems to be a trend on certain cocktail menus. The Lantern’s Keep menu uses a range of bitters, digestive, and combinations of ingredients to offer unique but delicious and drinkable. You don’t feel like you’re drinking dessert — which is a good thing with the savory small plates. The bar has a charming old wood feel and is a piece of calm and quiet.

Lovely bar and they made us surprise cocktails based on our likes/dislikes which were spot on! I love it when a cocktail bar treats their trade as art and this is definitely one of those places! Must visit the bar! A very small bar at the rear of the Iroquois hotel lobby. Often have to book to get a table. Cocktails are expensive for out-of-towners, but about average for this part of NYC. Great atmosphere. Barmen is very knowledgeable about the drinks. Definitely, a place to visit if you are on a cocktail safari. Tucked away in the back of the Iroquois Hotel. Small and cozy. A little noisy at 7 pm, but perhaps not so earlier. One of the best cocktail menus I’ve seen so far. Well prepared. Well presented. Tasty.

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