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Las Iguanas Deansgate has flame-grilled Latin American dishes and shared plates in a contemporary chain dining room. This Latin American-inspired watering hole is a breath of fresh air, fronting low atmospheric lighting, lively music, and cocktails starting at just £6. Our tip? Get your lips around their caipirinhas, which they claim to be the best this side of the Atlantic. Las Iguanas on Deansgate offers a piece of Latin life, with an abundance of fantastic fresh Latin American meals on the menu and a famed drink selection. The Manchester Deansgate restaurant is excellent for celebrating with friends or family or finding a peaceful nook for two. Every day, coolers and drinks are 2 for 1; meet you at the bar! Choose a main course and enjoy unlimited drinks, prosecco, and draught beer. Celebrate Latin American flavors. 

Life has a specific rhythm across Latin America. Taste meals from Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Cuba, and other countries. So, notify the server if you have an allergy or food intolerance so that the culinary crew is informed and can assist you with any questions. Their online menu includes allergen information. For each dish, click the blue symbol. Please remember that they cannot guarantee that any product is entirely free of allergens. Outside tables may be reserved, but please phone or email your local office to confirm availability and amenities. It is essential to remember that not all of their outside spaces are covered or have heaters; if you reserve a table outdoors, they may not be able to transfer you inside the building if the weather is wet or cold, so pack appropriate apparel. 

Credit card information will be required to secure your online booking. There will be no upfront fee, but if you do not honor or cancel your appointment, you will be charged £5 per person. They request that you provide them as much warning as possible, and at least 12 hours, of any cancellations or changes in numbers. You can cancel by following the instructions in your booking confirmation email or by emailing/calling the restaurant directly with your reservation information. A deposit may be required for phone reservations. A deposit may be required to secure your table for select party reservations. You will receive a full refund if you cancel your reservation more than 48 hours before your reservation. Diners that do not show up will not be refunded.

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