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Las Rosas, gritty, grungy, and in the centre of a quickly changing neighbourhood, isn’t for everyone, but it’s definitely for people who want an affordable stiff drink and live music. Hang out in the front room bar, where there’s a pool, a jukebox, and booth seating for catching up with friends. Are you ready to party? Head to the rear, where a dance floor will probably be in full swing by midnight. An outside patio gives plenty of space for smoke breaks or fresh air, depending on your mood for the evening. Wood Tavern’s owners have a penchant for doing things right on the first try. And Las Rosas, the group’s most recent initiative, adds to the group’s long list of accomplishments. Las Rosas integrates well into the industrial ambience of its street, nestled on the outskirts of Allapattah–a doable walk from adjacent Wynwood. A neon rose inside emits a crimson glow over the bar. Las Rosas has a variety of rooms, each with its personality. A stage in the facility’s centre showcases a rotating lineup of local artists and smokers mixed on wooden picnic seats outside. Everything has just the proper amount of grunge to it. So, Las Rosas accepts credit cards as a payment method. They provide outdoor seating for the patrons. Therefore, if you wish to take your drink in the open air, you can! We would describe Las Rosas’ vibe as hipster and casual. It is a very loud bar, and it is great for groups. Las Rosas has enough space for you to dance and bust a move. There is also a collection of pool tables available at the scene. These pool tables add to the entertainment factor of the bar. Las Rosas provides street parking and a private parking lot to the patrons. So, when you visit the club, you will not have to worry about finding a parking spot.

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