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Last Concert Cafe Houston, Guide & Review

This is certainly a cult favorite of the Houston scene and has been for many years. Last Concert is a live music venue, historical site, and party venue. It’s a great place to gather with friends or family for an outstanding musical experience in a one-of-a-kind setting. Last Concert is also the perfect place to host your own event. Last Concert has been entertaining Houstonians since the 1940s. Last Concert Cafe is a great place to see local music! with Lots of open space & friendly staff! The Last Concert Cafe features great food, great music, a great vibe, livestock, and a hip atmosphere. Real laid back cool place! Super fun. Good food. 

Very chill. When you’re ready to experience Houston’s oldest and most unique live music venue, head to Last Concert and you’ll experience the eclectic mix of local, regional, and internationally acclaimed artists that they welcome to their backyard in Dawn’s Margarita Garden and Soundstage. There is a small area indoor space, a covered patio that sometimes features acoustic shows, and a large open outdoor area and stage in the back for live music. The outdoor stage has a sand area in front flanked by picnic tables, so be prepared by wearing cheap sandals and the expectation that you might get quite a bit of sand on yourself.

The back patio is lined with picnic tables and the venue also boasts touring acts and an open mic. Last Concert Cafe is definitely a great place to go and enjoy live music. It’s very artsy looking. This is a must. No pretentious attitude. Good beer and delicious food. Live music is a nice touch to the laid-back atmosphere. The place has a great artistic feel if you’re going for lunch, and is normally a very chill live music venue at night.

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