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Laszlo San Francisco, Guide & Review

Laszlo Bar offers indoor bar and booth seating, upstairs lounge seating and intimate outdoor tables. The classic Bar also offers Full Foreign Cinema dinner menu, $2 happy hour oysters, DJs Vinyl Club, Live music, Weekly Trivia, Craft cocktails, Daily Special and goodvibes. Laszlo is a bar with comfortable seating, avant-garde cocktails, advanced sound system, sidewalk seating, private banquettes and a vast vinyl collection.

Laszlo is an ideal setting for happy hour gatherings or for cocktails after supper. The interior is beautiful, and perfectly matches the aesthetic of its neighbors Foreign Cinema, and even the Alamo Drafthouse with the beautiful old fashioned movie posters decorating the walls.The charming joint has customer friendly staff. This entryway bar inside the Foreign Cinema keeps the Bohemian spirit alive with movie posters celebrating Eastern European film and Cinema Verite, along with vinyl DJs performing most nights. Mezzanine-level booths give imbibers a bird’s-eye view of this cultured cocktail bar.

The Mission Street hipster with a taste for Godard will feel right at home in this hipper-than-hip cocktail lounge. Perhaps due to its highbrow setting, the bar tends to be more of a destination stop than a locals-only hangout.Laszlo opened  its doors as one of the very earliest gentrifying restaurants in the Mission. Laszlo, the bar next door that shares a long bunker-like hallway with FC, opened a couple of years later as Foreign Cinema’s trashy little sister. The classic joint has enough security personnel to make sure the customers and the vehicles are’s also well known for hosting family gatherings and birthday parties.Laszlo Bar also provides private intimate dining with safety protocols, local values and stewardship. It’s the best place to be with family and friends. Highly recommended!

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