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A nordic themed bar unlike any other located in Madison Avenue Lakewood, LBM provides an excellent bar experience to all those that visit. Viking-themed carvings on the decor with a touch of modern lighting add a fun vibe to this bar. From classic wooden furniture to barrels, skulls, and spooky decorations, this spot makes you feel as if you’re not in Cleveland. The bar has a variety of spirits and liquor on display which are used to make delicious drinks. Active from 4-12 am, LBM will make sure that the time you spend is worth it all.

The place is known for its cocktails with a unique twist. The House Cocktails are made of gin and whiskey topped with a sweet touch and a citrus punch, such as the ‘Hellhound’ and the ‘Gunslinger.’ Other cocktails, such as the Seasonal ones, are well known as they contain fresh ingredients which are only available for that specific season, like the ‘Totem Sacrifice’ and the ‘Spirit Crusher. Many of these usually have gin or tequila along with seasonal fruits. The food menu here is also not ordinary, featuring items such as Duck, Oysters, Shrimp, Pork Belly, and Bone Marrow which might pique your interest.

Along with the loud music, funky lighting and decorations, and the classic Viking theme that LBM follows, you’ve entered a different era as soon as you step in.


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