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Le Zoo Geneva, Guide & Review

Disco club in Geneva, Switzerland Is a Low-lit underground nightspot known for a changing line-up of cutting-edge techno & house music.

Place des Volontaires 4; 1204, Genève; Switzerland. Le Zoo is an upbeat nightclub in Geneva that caters to the needs of every party animal. Featuring a host of reputed artists and DJs that spin out some great electronic music, this is the place to visit if you want to let go of your inhibitions, and discover your wilder side. This is the place where you can groove to remixes of minimal funk, crunk, and tubes, coupled with energetic percussive beats, and various other delirious electronic sound inventions. The music at this place is both in line with the current musical trends, and is also radically futuristic, making it the perfect reason for the crowd to stay on their feet, dancing the night away. Call for event timings, and additional information.

Great place to your chest massaged by some real deep bass. Friendly stuff, good vibe and all you may want.Basically, it’s the last underground location in the area.Perfect line-ups ranging from techno to house to dub music and d&b.

For free spirits and people of spirit. You will be excited that the venue hosting the jam will be Geneva’s go-to underground house and techno space Le Zoo. It has a slick, dimly-lit aesthetic and emphasis on subtly psychedelic visuals, perfectly suited for our six hours of sonic wandering. Le Zoo is a venue in Geneva dedicated to electronic music and visual art. From Techno to Drum’n’bass, Dub, Dubstep or House, our nights reflect the diversity of the electronic music landscape. Located on the 1st floor of L’Usine, our venue is proud to be a self-managed and horizontal structure that is sponsor-free.

This is the place to be in Geneva. Le Zoo club is the club of your choice.

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