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Lebowskis is a simple, classic pub fodder that takes pride in place along with White Russians and a considerable cocktail choice. It all started with some pretty incredible work from a couple of Dudes in Glasgow‘s Finnieston neighborhood. These boys grew up with the idea of surprising and delighting the Lebowskis in all they do. The rest, as they say, is history! Whether you liked or disliked the film, you will like the bar. Lebowskis is a groovy cornucopia of bowling-inspired shenanigans and burger wolfing, with over 25 variations of white Russians available and a selection of traditional combinations and draught beers. Although there is no built-in bowling alley, there are plenty of White Russians in this Argyle Street, a bar-shaped homage to a big film starring The Dude.

Heaving on weekends – and still very active during the week – a fantastic drinks menu and some of Scotland’s most famous burgers have grabbed many Glaswegian’s hearts and waistlines. Despite the 25 white Russians on the menu, complete with movie quotes and grub with names like The MacBowski Fillet Burger, this is more than just a novelty venue. Exposed brick walls clash with fancy wallpaper to create a dive meets deluxe interior. With DJs on weekends, this isn’t the place for a quiet dinner, but it’s a fun, lively spot for movie buffs and buffs alike. My boyfriend and I went for supper and received the most excellent service – we mentioned we were meeting friends later than the time our table was scheduled for, and she arranged for us to sit at another table. 

She arranged for us a complimentary drink when there was a little issue with our food order. She is an asset to the establishment. The dinner was delicious, and you will not leave hungry! Burgers are massive yet delicious. I will surely return. We went to Lebowski’s early on a Saturday evening with our tiny puppy. The restaurant offers a bright and welcoming environment, and the cuisine is delicious. I highly suggest the house specialty White Ukrainians. Very relaxed atmosphere, and the vegan Chilli Mac and cheese was the best I’ve ever had; my boyfriend said the same about his Lebowski burger. The White Russian menu is out of this world, with some tasty-looking combos. I will be returning as we visit Glasgow often from Oban and recommend it to friends and family! Thank you, Lebowskis Team, for looking after us so well.

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