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Li Po Cocktail Lounge San Francisco, Guide & Review

Li Po Cocktail Lounge is a long-standing no-pretenses Chinatown bar attracting a diverse crowd with signature Chinese Mai Tais. It’s one of the best places in the world to get a “mai tai”, they actually have a trademark on a drink called “Chinese Mai Tai”. A great place to meet locals and tourists and share stories and drinks. A really historic and cool dive bar. A revered dive bar in San Francisco’s Chinatown, Li Po Lounge has remained relatively unchanged since opening in the 1930s. Considered by many to be the neighborhood’s best dive, Li Po tends to draw a diverse crowd – from bewildered tourists to shady locals and everything in between. The space is equally electric, consisting of a smattering of traditional Chinese watercolor designs, paper lanterns and a carved Buddha shrine behind the bar. 

Li Po Cocktail Lounge features great service; friendly upscale environment; super friendly & polite bartenders; great ambiance; chilled atmosphere; good music; delicious food – they always give food recommendations as well; decent prices; great selection of Chinese liquors, and amazingly great vibes. Downstairs has a bar with different music – top tier hip hop music and it feels like a college dorm party with how the bar is set up to the various couches. Creative signature cocktail drinks actually taste great. In addition to the bar, there’s a few tables in the back, along with one cozy little room with a table/benches and the walls are painted with Chinese figures. 

It’s a good place to go with a few friends. A great place to unwind and have a drink or three. Definitely a must visit place and quaint little bar. Nice place overall! Highly recommended!

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