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Libertine Bar Dallas, Guide & Review

Many Dallas residents have named their favorite Libertine bar, and why not? First, though, it is the bar, Libertine does not just offer bar food. Enjoy the gastronomical feel as you try the famous pork wings, fried Portobello, meat sandwich, oxtail tacos, and more. Your waiter will be able to tell you professionally which beers and ales fit best with your chosen menu, or, you can work backward and order your drink first. Choose a cold dessert, a glass of wine, whiskey, or an original cocktail. Be sure to check in on special weekend nights, including Pint Thursday and Wine Wednesday, where you’ll find cheap drinks and a wide, special selection.

Libertine is everything we wanted but could not find in our city. A place to go for a cup of coffee, work in peace, enjoy a comfortable lunch, go on a date or enjoy a cocktail dinner.

In the evening Libertine transforms into a cocktail with a wide range of tipples from handmade beers, natural wines and cocktails.

Weekends; Thursday to Sunday, it attracts some of the city’s best music talents where local music heroes play vinyl among friends, good & cocktails.

Libertine also offers room service from midday to midnight.

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