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Lit 21 Bar Newark, Guide & Review

As you can already guess by the name, come to Lit 21 and have the time of your life. Having
one of the best DJs in the area, the music of this place alone will be enough to entertain you
throughout the time you spend here. This place has separate sections, with one being the
sports bar. TVs are set up around the bar with stools around it as well. Seats all across the area
with excellent lighting ensure you enjoy the sport you’re watching. The club area is a vast open
space with a DJ playing music at the front, and the place is packed at night with the crowd going
wild. Flashy and colorful lights, the best new music, and good drinks, what more could you need
to make your night better?
Having some beautiful cocktails here, make sure you try one before you leave or while you’re
dancing the night away. Try the Lit Passion made from Buchanan’s 12 years of passion fruit
puree, fresh lime juice, and vanilla, making it fruity and refreshing at the same time. Another of
their classics is the Patron Pineapple Margarita consisting of patron reposado tequila, patron
pineapple, fresh lime, and some pineapple juice, so it’ll fill all your pineapple cravings while not
overdoing it too much and giving you that quality taste. They also serve fish bowls which are a
must-try; this includes The Starburst, Bacardi Mermaid Bucket, and The Lit 21 Jack Daniel’s
Punch. Then comes their frozen drinks section. All these have such a chill and delicious taste
that you’ll go for a second round. They also serve a variety of chilled cans and glassed beers in
their draft section, where you can choose whatever you prefer. You can also choose white, red,
and blush wine if you’re with a significant other or prefer wine over other drinks. Then comes
their food section; you can pick from their impressive selection of appetizers such as
quesadillas, arpetias, mini pizzas, and many more. For the main meal, you select from
sandwiches, burgers, wraps, salads, and many more. Each has different options for you, each
being as good as the other, so you may want to pick a different one each time.

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