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Little Chicken, tucked away in a secluded alleyway in D.C. ‘s gleaming new Midtown Center, debuted in May with lip-smacking fried Chicken, handmade hard seltzers, minty Old Fashioneds, beers by the bucket, and bona authentic shuffleboard. Casey Patten, owner of Grazie Grazie sub restaurant, Bammy’s chefs Gerald Addison and Chris Morgan, and veteran D.C. bartender Said Haddad are behind the boisterous new chicken venture. Freshly squeezed orange crushes by the glass or jug are available, as are build-your-own sangrias and micheladas for four. There are also margaritas, Palomas, and frozen pineapple mint daiquiris. That was the guiding principle behind the development of Little Chicken, a new fried-chicken concept that opened in late May in Washington, D.C.’s Midtown Center. 

The joint venture is a concept by Patten, owner of the Grazie Grazie sub shop, with Gerald Addison and Chris Morgan, chefs at Caribbean-style Bammy’s in the city’s Navy Yard. Addison and Morgan are also alums of the Michelin-rated restaurant Meydan. With 70 seats indoors and another 40 in the backyard-style alley patio, Little Chicken offers fried Chicken every which way: in buckets, as combos with sides, tenders, using white and dark meat with varying spice levels. The concept also has a strong beverage program and a space with games. The bar program from local barman Said Haddad was created to complement the space and the vibe. With a backyard alley feel that includes swing seats and colorful decor, the team focused on “drinks you would make if your friends come hang with you in the backyard.” 

Palomas, margaritas, and familiar cocktails that can be scaled to a group are available, with every cocktail other and old-fashioned available in large format — served as a jug with a side of garnishes. In keeping with the backyard party feel, all beers are canned and span a selection of nostalgic brands such as Miller Lite and local and small breweries. Cocktails and wine range from $10-$14 per glass, or $45+ for the jugs/bottles, and high-end champagne is on offer for $140 for those who want to splurge. A selection of house-made fruit sodas at $5 is also available as a spirit-free option. 

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