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Living Room Liege, Guide & Review

Living room is a popular gay nightclub with DJ  in Belgium. Open on Friday and Saturday night and eve of holidays, with a young LGBT crowd. Living room is in the middle of the lively Liege district. 

Living room is a bar and cocktail venue visited by LGBT. Great music, good sound system, sexy bartenders, amazing atmosphere, friendly and peaceful crowd and excellent place. Are you hot for a fiery weekend! See you tonight. See you soon at Living room nightclub. Top venue open to everyone. There are awesome cocktails available at Living room and can’t fail to spotlight Spritz, Mojito and Pina Colada. 

Living room hosts Halloween every year and you can’t afford to miss. The weekends here promises to be busy and eventful and transformative shows on Saturdays. 

Party, humour, and relaxation guaranteed with several themed evenings a month. Olaaaaa! Are you ready for a fiery weekend? Good music will be there too, don’t wait to be told to go and experience yourself.

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