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It is an easygoing pizzeria with booths & a retro vibe featuring cocktails, beer & appetizers. Sometimes you want to go where nobody knows your name and Lloyd’s hopes (or doesn’t hope) to be that place for you. It’s retro but not necessarily sexy. Instead, you’ll find lighting fixtures reminiscent of a Ruby Tuesday (before the remodels) and plenty of wood paneling. We’re saying it’s an excellent spot to post-up, drink a $5 martini (between 5 – 7 pm) and eat some pizza and pesto pillows. Lloyd’s Restaurant and Lounge was voted Atlanta’s Finest Pizza Parlor by no one in particular. 

From the creators of Victory Sandwich Bar, The SOS Tiki Bar, and Little Trouble comes Atlanta’s newest pizza party: “Where Nobody Knows Your Name.” Lloyd’s restaurant and lounge have been open since November 2018, and it already feels too long. They serve “no-bullsh!T-pizza” and appetizers and try hard at not trying too hard. Their dough is made with non-bromated flour, and cold-fermented for a minimum of 48hrs. They use a 50/50 blend of fancy cheeses, and make all of their sauces from scratch. It doesn’t get any better, bruh. You can drink alone here, or with friends, or whatever man – as so it says on their website. 

From the wood-paneled walls with random family photos to the fake cigarette ads above the bar, this new Inman Park spot appears out of a 1980s fever dream. Take a number at the host station, wait for the ticker to tell you your table is ready, and then order old school staples like spinach dip with ridged potato chips, mozzarella triangles, and a steak or plate of duck confit. This place has plenty of cheap beers to choose from too, but their cocktails are definitely worth trying out. Great restaurant with a 70/80s vibe. It is paneled interior with period furnishings with great booths and an outdoor seating area complimented with attentive and friendly staff. We recommend going for brunch and ordering hamburgers, a chicken sandwich, a fruit cup and a Lloyd breakfast. All their meals are fresh, plentiful, and delicious. Bar area looks inviting and has a generous selection of beers.

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