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Lobby Bar Irvine, Guide & Review

Located in the very heart of downtown Riverside, the lobby combines traditional values ​​of customer service with modern touch flair and offers a unique experience. Old and new Riverside residents can come together and live at this comfortable yet enjoyable lounge.


Expert lighting casts a beam on contemporary forest green booths, a copper bar with black, giant leather and walnut chairs, and two large windows that overlook historic downtown Riverside on Main Street.


Theymenu combines signature appetizers and main courses with craft cocktails to create a unique dining experience. They offer a plethora of vegan options as Theyll as twists on popular bars and full meals. Like our menu, our environment is diverse and inclusive.


Their passion is to create a fun and joyful atmosphere while connecting with their community through a personal, feel-good, tasteful experience as unique as our guests.

They are now also serving Sunday Brunch! The lobby combines old and new Riverside in a pleasant lounge atmosphere. Expert lighting casts a beam on green forest booths, a copper bar with black leather chairs, and two large windows that overlook Riverside’s famous Main Street. They combine signature appetizers and entrees with handcrafted cocktails to create a uniquely Riverside experience. Theymenu includes a variety of vegan options as Theyll as twists on bar favorites and full meals. They offer an intimate space to enjoy music, food, drink, and conversation. They have a passion for creating joy while connecting our community through a feel-good, taste good and personal experience.

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