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Lofi Cocktails is a comfortable cocktail lounge that allows you to enjoy favorite classics or house creations with fresh local ingredients while watching a projected movie on one of our walls! House-made shrubs, syrups, and garnishes contribute to the carefully thought-out cocktails they offer here. Need suggestions or want a surprise cocktail? Their mixologists will craft you a drink that caters to your specific wants. Happy hour is Tuesday-Friday from 3 pm-6 pm! The mixologist knows how to make every drink that my party ordered. This ranged from a Brandy Crusta to Jungle Bird to the Last Wish. These classic drinks were made to perfection. I definitely would come back. I always get their in-house creations, and they’re amazing. All the bartenders are friendly. The space is small and intimate. 

Even though I haven’t yet taken a selfie in their bathroom it is a thing because it looks so cool. Our second time visiting, and I have to say, this has become our favorite spot to end a long week. Each of our drinks was expertly crafted, delicious and fun. I love the creativity, atmosphere, and relaxed vibe. So, the bartenders are skilled. The beverages are one-of-a-kind and expertly crafted. The area is limited, but they make good use of it. There are seats near the bar, wide sofas, and a small dance floor. Relaxed vibes and extraordinary beverages. Very reminiscent of the bar scene in my old neighborhood in SF- I love it! The cocktail menu is intriguing, but the bartenders are happy to test their mixology skills and create a drink for you on the spot if requested. 

The drink I created was so delicious I had 2, and my non-vodka drinking friend also loved it. Some drinks are served in very cool cups- my friend had hers in a mini recycling bin, which was funny. They play movies on a projector and have a DJ later in the evening on the weekend. Bathroom art is also excellent. I highly recommend checking this place out! Lofi is a lowkey hidden gem! Easy street parking options. I walked in and loved the vibes in general. Bartenders were attentive and knowledgeable—a very relaxing space. Great music selection. The drinks were very well made. I love a full bar—A+ for ambiance. Therefore, I will return and try different nights! So, this is one of the best bars Modesto has to offer you. 

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