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Lonnie’s Reno Club Kansas City, Guide & Review

This place is a true Kansas City original, where history, food and music meets. It’s also where style, class, history and jazz all meet. Lonnie’s Reno Club pays homage to the famous Reno Club that was located at 12th and Cherry in Kansas City, Missouri. Be transported back in time at Lonnie’s Reno Club. The collaboration of Kansas City jazz legends and trumpeter Lonnie McFadden and Coury Hospitality. Lonnie’s Reno Club is a Kansas City style jazz club inside the Ambassador Hotel Kansas City. The Jazz club gives a nod to the iconic Reno Club where Count Basie played and radio broadcast introduced Kansas City jazz to the world.

Lonnie’s blends historic with hip to create an authentic KC jazz club with ties to the history of Midwest Music. With a simple, delectable menu and prohibition era cocktals, music lovers abd foodies will enjoy unforgettable dining experiences. Relish in the history of Kansas City Jazz music and a delectable pre-fixe menu at Lonnie’s Reno Club. Their upscale jazz club offers a luxe dining and music experience in Kansas City. Their swanky supper club ambiance, live music performances, and Midwest cuisine create a unique dining and entertainment experience. In collaboration with local Kansas City jazz musician and singer Lonnie McFadden, the restaurant blends historic and style, with classic and Prohibition Era cocktails and tasteful cuisine.

Enjoy a dinner and a shoe experience of jazz, food, and fun. With live performances from Lonnie McFadden, this is an experience you won’t forget anywhere in Kansas City. Experience fine dining and live music at their historic jazz club in Kansas City. Explore their lineup of events, performances, and nights when Lonnie and friends hit the stage. Lonnie’s Reno Club is the perfect setting to host a company Holiday party or special event. The Speakeasy vibe and intimate setting makes for a unique experience like no other in the downtown Kansas City area. Enjoy delicious Kansas City cuisine, Prohibition Era cocktails and a wide selection of premium wines and beer. What’s better than great food and live jazz. 

It’s highly recommended checking out Lonnie’s Reno Club for an amazing & unforgettable experience in Kansas City.

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