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With a tree-lined courtyard overlooking the adjacent hills, the atmosphere around Los Gatos Soda Works is friendly. However, drinks have a naughty edge. Start with Honor Among Thieves, A Pirate’s Life for Me, Inside Job, or Grand Larceny and make amends with many law-abiding citizens. Owner Jason Seal wins the most imaginative bartender award from Bombay Sapphire and pulls out a big gun on a special occasion. If you’re lucky, drink in a bird-shaped glass (with dried lavender twigs on the tail feathers) or a small bathtub (featuring a 1/4 size rubber duck floating in champagne and yuzu foam). You can drink. “Bath”) You can enjoy it). You have to be over 21 years old to enter. Los Gatos Soda Works is a professional cocktail bar and restaurant that combines the rich history of cocktail culture with the latest equipment and technology. Los Gatos Soda Works brings a unique and stylish tavern to the South Bay area, offering high-quality cocktails and a variety of small plate dishes and apps designed to be tempting and intriguing. Located in a quaint corner of Los Gatos, California, Soda works houses a historic building that has manufactured and bottled its soda from 1907-to 1937. Soda Works is a place to enjoy unique cocktails served by our friendly and knowledgeable staff in an atmosphere that appeals to both class and cool. We take pride in our professionalism and hospitality. Their top priority is to ensure that everyone passing through our doors is treated as a customer and guest, friend, and neighbor. They offer takeout services. All the staff at Soda Works are fully vaccinated for their own safety and for the safety of the patrons. They also wear masks as another safety precaution. The food menu at this bar has vegan options as well.

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