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The ambience at this Americana-themed saloon is casual and athletic, but the beverage menu is on point, including microbrews, specialty cocktails, and rare spirits. After a session of darts or pool, unwind on one of the mismatched seats that surround the ornate upright piano. It has a cosy, antique ambience and nicer gin-and-tonics than you could make in your living room. Lost Boy is the latest addition to Downtown Miami’s increasing list of drinking establishments. The previous denim shop has successfully transitioned to a “no-nonsense” bar. The slogan is correct in more ways than one. The drinks at Lost Boy are basic yet delicious. At first look, the mood is comfortable and easygoing. However, a closer study shows several inventive elements, such as the gold mermaids on the long oak bar and the ancient piano, faithfully repurposed as a community table in the centre of the bar. Lost Boy leapt at the chance to build out its modest attitude in an area with little of a drinking identity. And we believe it’s working out great. Lost Boy accepts credit cards as a payment method. They provide outdoor seating for the patrons. We can describe this club as Hipster, Trendy, Classy and Casual. It is safe to say that this is a loud bar. However, you can indeed dress in casual attire if you want. It is an excellent place for groups to relax and have fun. There are pool tables available at the scene, which adds to the entertainment factor of this bar. Lost Boy provides street parking spaces for its patrons. They have free Wi-Fi and the best nights at this bar are on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. Lost Boy has Happy Hour Specials with their full bar services. Remember, you are not allowed to smoke inside the bar premise. All smoking should be done outside the bar.

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