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Lost Square Bar Savannah , Guide & Review

Sitting on top of the modern Alida hotel, you find The Lost Square, a refined roof of Savannah, offering a state-of-the-art experience. Located on the city’s famous Riverfront, the rustic-chic, spacious and cozy terrace is surrounded by panoramic views over the river and the city sky. Focusing on a new cocktail system, the rooftop bar offers state-of-the-art drinks inspired by Savannah’s rum-run history and a good selection of shared plates. High quality but unusual in the atmosphere, it has igloo roofs that are very comfortable for a unique winter experience.

It’s all about the view over Lost Square! Check out the beautiful views from this rooftop bar above the Alida Hotel. Your stay in Savannah would not have been complete without a trip to a bar, and this could be a whole package! Come and enjoy the refreshing sea breeze and the splendor of stunning food and views.


This attractive roof bar, set confidently above the river, offers amazing panoramas and a warm heart service. Inspired by the city’s green plazas and nautical treasures, it is a real outdoor living room with fresh air and refreshing drinks. Best Place in the House: On a good day, they suggest you sit on the east side of the open terrace where you can view the river and the city.

Swanky drinks and shared plates will make your next night out of town a memorable experience. The Savannah wallpaper will provide the best photos of all the fun! There are occasional DJs who come to special events or weekends with themes and art drinks added to the menu. Savannah Roofing Bars have a bar-mounted (literally!) So having Lost Square on your checklist is a must!

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