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Luna Springs is a lively outdoor bar with a skating rink & music, plus cocktails & food under a colorful tent. Are you looking for some exciting Digbeth bar action? This large, open-air area is worth a look. Luna Springs brings more than simply inventive drinks and delectable street cuisine. It has a jam-packed schedule of live events as well as bottomless brunches. Prepare for an immersive encounter unlike any other. Bottomless drink brunches, delectable drinks, ice-cold draught craft beer, and live DJs are all on the menu. We’ll be collaborating with some of Birmingham‘s most famous street food vendors and putting on a slew of live shows. Glastonbury got you down? Don’t look any further! You’ll be able to get your concert fix while drinking an Aperol Spritz in no time! And the good times don’t stop there. 

A slew of new events and live entertainment performers will fill your calendar throughout the coming year. Birmingham began many moons ago on the banks of the River Rea in Digbeth. Even though the river is now concealed from view, its pulse continues to imbue the region’s creative energy. Digbeth’s hardworking history would not exist without the Rea. And Birmingham would not have become a creative center (typified in the 18th century Lunar Society, so named because they met every full moon). Digbeth’s industry, inventiveness, and enthusiasm are honored at Luna Springs. Return to the source and continue to be a wild moon child. Luna Springs, a relatively recent addition to Birmingham’s nightlife, has sprouted up near Digbeth’s iconic Custard Factory. 

The outdoor setting is ideal for soaking up some sunshine in summer’s (supposed) heat. With a roster of activities ranging from disco to bingo and street food, it’s a terrific location to chill out and work your way through the unlimited brunch drinks. The name Luna Springs is derived from two sources: the River Rea, which runs through the city, and the 18th Century Lunar Society, a group of creatives who convened during the full moon. So far, so esoteric. The open-air event Luna Springs, located on the site of the old Digbeth Arena, celebrates Digbeth’s industry, creativity, and energy, asking revelers to party and “go wild, moonchild.” Live music, sports, bottomless breakfasts, and moonlight movie screenings are all available. What is there not to like? So, this is one of the best bars Birmingham has to offer you.

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