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Maginns Pub Los Angeles, Guide & Review

Perfect Irish pub in Los Angeles. Maginnis Pub is a genuine Irish pub in the heart of Old Town Newhall, CA. A nice little gem of a pub, and it’s nice. The pub is very nicely decorated with custom woodwork throughout. Maginnis Pub is in a perfect location with a lot to do in the area. 

At Maginnis Pub they’re all about the details. The pub was designed in collaboration with the world-renowned Irish Pub Company in Dublin Ireland and shipped off to its new home in Newhall California. The design of this pub is an homage to the margin / Connelly family roots. From the time you enter their signature blue doors, they hope to provide a warm, friendly atmosphere for all to enjoy for many generations to come. 

Maginnis Pub features very easy parking back in the garage, great live music, outstanding service, a good selection of both Irish and English beers, tasty & freshly prepared food – traditional Irish food, tasty strong drinks – great Irish whiskey choices, friendly wait staff, reasonable prices, amazing indoor and outdoor seating, friendly crowd, amazingly friendly owners, great entertaining vibes, a good selection of specialty cocktails, a great relaxed atmosphere, very classy themes, state-of-the-art lighting and sound system, a great happy hour menu, and satisfying portions. 

This pub is truly amazing! A pub where the family meets for food, folks, and fun. Maginnis pub is a great place to bring friends out of town. Overall, you’ll enjoy yourself at Maginnis pub in Los Angeles. Highly recommended Irish spot in Los Angeles for an amazing experience.

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