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This carpeted nightclub, adorned with velvet, mirrors, and disco balls, looks out of place amid grimy Downtown. However, some may argue that it’s given the area a taste of what it’s been missing. These include a place to dance, a bar that remains up late, and a one-stop nightlife destination for individuals who want to begin their evening with a decent drink and conclude it with a shot and a game of pool. The bar scene in downtown Miami has been gloomy at times. However, as developers focus on the neighbourhood and an influx of renters fills the adjacent flats and condominiums, Downtown will undoubtedly see its fair share of drinking establishments in the coming years. Mama Tried, which initially opened its doors on June 8, 2018, may have timed this well. Because Downtown lacks a bar archetype, Mama Tried has the luxury of trying. And it’s attempting a lot of different, seemingly incongruous things. Arcade games, a pool table, and TVs dominate the 2,250-square-foot room. The glitzy, sparkling bar suggests sophisticated drinks. And the red carpet says—well, we’re not sure. Will it all come together to provide a pleasantly unique drinking experience? Only time will tell. However, if the bar’s staff of Dan Binkiewicz (of Sweet Liberty and Blackbird Ordinary) and Mauricio Lacayo (of the Bend Liquor Lounge) is any indicator, failure is improbable. Masks are compulsory if you wish to visit this bar. The staff wears masks as well for their safety and the safety of the patrons. Mama Tried accepts credit cards and apple pay as payment methods. It is so safe that Mama Tried has Divey, Casual, Trendy, Intimate and Classy vibes. The bar is usually loud, and it is great for groups. So, you can visit with your friends for a chill night out.

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