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Manuel’s Tavern has a delicious collection of bar food and a fantastic, old-fashioned bar atmosphere, but the bar’s history is fascinating. The former owner of the bar, Manuel Malouf, known as the Godfather of  Democratic Politics in Georgia, the Tavern hosted many political events and politicians during her lifetime. This is a long-established neighborhood bar with home-style pub grabs, dozens of draft beers, and lively scenes. There are now outdoor seats too! This is a family-run, friendly old-school bar in Atlanta. So, they have great food, lunch, brunch, and dinner. 

A full bar and 41 taps of cold beer are available on stage. This venue can accommodate large groups of up to 100 people with prior notice. Large round tables are available everywhere, so you don’t need to book a group of up to 10 people. This bar is a meeting place for police officers, nurses, politicians, actors, musicians, professors, journalists, writers, and liberals. Many celebrities visit this bar and are undisturbed. Parking is on the other side of the North Highland road and behind the Tavern. The food at this bar is freshly prepared after receiving an order and can be delivered via Uber Eats. They always offer sports and news on TV. The bar encourages respectful political and religious discussions. Manuels is not a “tin and fern” bar. Nor is it the location of anonymous bartenders or unnamed, faceless customers. 

At any time, you’ll find a wide range of aspects of American culture, such as rubbing elbows at the bar, discussing the day’s news, discussing the benefits of sports teams, and supporting the ideas of the century. Here, doctors, plumbers, lawyers, electricians, students, journalists, salesmen, politicians, or construction workers can feel comfortable. They are “regulars” who are the lifeline of izakaya. Manuel’s Tavern has the essence of elsewhere in Atlanta. This is one of the best bars Atlanta has to offer. So, if you are in town, we highly recommend visiting this bar at least once. Your first visit to Manuel’s will be a pure delight! Parking is easy and breezy, which is a lot for Atlanta restaurants. This alone will encourage anyone to dine here again and again. The restaurant is big and spacious. The servers are so friendly and personable.

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